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  • Raya Scientific


    We are Raya for the Scientific Services, we are a leading company In:
    Biotechnology, Histopathology, and laboratory Equipments fields (in Egypt).

    We are interesting in your request.
    We are serious.
    We greet the customers and respect the competitors.
    We started in the Egyptian market in March 2004 under the name of ROYAL Company by Chemist Tarek Abdel-Hakeem.
    On October 2006, we changed our name to be RAYA.

    We have changed our name but we still offer the same products with the same suppliers and data.

    RAYA Scientific Services was launched with the aim of providing the scientific, medical,
    agriculture research sectors by their needs of instruments and chemicals in biotechnology field.

    These ingredients have been incorporated in the work guidelines of our highly qualified,
    experienced and motivated team members.

    Our Vision
    is to transfer the recent technology tools from modern world to our country.

    Our Mission
    is to supply the biotechnology field which they need from instruments and chemicals with
    good quality and maintain our affordable prices.

    Types of the markets that we can service:-
    Biotechnology research centers.
    Research Food & Agricultural sectors.
    Medical & pharmaceutical sectors.
    Industrial sectors.

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